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The Concord directory and guide: contains a complete resident and business ...

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Full view - 1892 - 125 pages - History


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Acton Acton town Agent Albert E annual meeting Assabet River Barrett's Mill Road Bedford Cords Bedford St Belknap St Benjamin Benjamin F blacksmith Boston Brown Bulkeley Buttrick C. J. Pierce C. J. Wilson Caleb H Cambridge Turnpike carpenter Charles Charles Fay Charles W Church clerk Commonwealth Ave Conant Concord Grape Concord Junction Concord River Congregational Church CYRUS W Damon Daniel Daniel F DARMODY dealer Derby Dowd's Lane DUDLEY FOSTER East Acton Edward Edward F Elm St Elsinore Emerson expressman Fairhaven farmer Fitchburg Fitchburg Railroad Frank Frank Collins Frank E Garfield George W Grant St harnessmaker Harvey Wheeler Henry Henry H Herbert L Heywood Hoar Home School Hosmer House Hubbard St Hubbard Street Humphrey H instructor at Mass Insurance Co Insurance Company James John H Joseph Joseph F Keyes laborer Laws Brook Road Lexington Road Lowell Road Main Street Marlboro Mary mason Massachusetts Meetings are held Michael Middle St MIDDLESEX mill hand Miss Monument St Munroe Mutual Fire Insurance NEWTON D Nine Acre Corner Odd Fellows Hall off Main St officer at Mass Old Road Organized OTIS H pail factory painter Patrick Penniman Peter H Prescott Present membership PRESENT OFFICERS Railroad Lane REED & BARTON Richard F Road to Nine ROYAL ARCANUM Samuel D Samuel Hoar School Secretary SIMON WILLARD SLEEPY HOLLOW CEMETERY Station Agent Stow Studley Sudbury River Sudbury Road teamster Thomas Thomas F Thomas Todd Thoreau St town Treasurer Trinitarian Tuttle Walden Pond Walden St Walden Street West Concord Westford Westford Road Westvale Wheeler WILLIAM BARRETT William Craig William H William Wheeler Withington Wood

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15 Milk Street - Page 129
BROOKS & Co., Importing Tailors, 15 Milk Street, Opposite Old South Church, Rn^TONJ Birthplace of Franklin. •-* VtJ I \J 1 ^1 . TH PEABODY. ...
Cambridge, Mass - Page 80
of Cambridge, Mass., and of Seattle, Washington. In 1891 the church adopted the plan which is now so generally preferred in church government, ...
CONCORD, MASS - Page 155
LOUGHLIN & DEMPSEY, House Painters. Inside and Outside Work of every description done with neatness and despatch. GRANT STREET , . CONCORD, MASS,
more pages: 142 143
Boston - Page 106
The Boston Harness Company began its existence about twelve years ago in a very small way in the city of Boston. ...
more pages: 10 17 18 20 28 32 38 46 48 109
Ilion, NY - Page 134
The Remington Factory at Ilion, NY, employs 700 men to fill the demand created by the sales agents. Wyckoff, Seamans & Benedict, who dispose of the ...
Emma, Miss - Page 17
Bennett, Emma, Miss, nurse, bds. at George Garfield's. Bentley, George A., mill hand, Main St., Westvale. Berry, George W., farmer, Old Marlboro Road. ...
Plymouth, Mass - Page 79
The present membership of the church is one hundred and eighty. The pastor is the Rev. George A. Tewksbury, formerly of Plymouth, Mass., ...
New York - Page 134
A dispatch from New York says: Some idea of the present wonderful growth of the typewriter business may be gained from the fact that the sales of ...
more pages: 119 135
FLORENCE, Miss - Page 26
GADDIS, FLORENCE, Miss, clerk, res. at John Gaddis'. Gaddis, John, emp. at pail factory, Laws Brook Road, CJ Gage, FC, Mrs., Elm St. ...
Somerville, Mass - Page 88
It received its first impetus from a gift of $20000 from Miss Martha Hunt, of Somerville, Mass., who preferred to be the almoner of her money while ...
Exeter, NH - Page 108
about 1833, when James Derby, of Exeter, NH, bought it with the purpose of manufacturing cotton and wool machinery. ...
West Acton, Mass - Page 83
Dodge, MD, of West Acton, Mass. PRESENT OFFICERS. Treasurer — Edward C. Damon. Clerk — George R. Back. Deacons — Edward C. Damon, Alfred Coates, Mrs. ...
Arlington, Mass - Page 129
Trial Grounds and Greenhouses at Arlington, Mass. WALTER C. BROOKS & Co., Importing Tailors, 15 Milk Street, Opposite Old South Church, ...
Philadelphia - Page 135
6000 Rolls Wall Paper with Borders to Match just received from New York and Philadelphia. Also Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Dry Goods, Small Wares, ...
ANDOVER, MASS - Page 158
ANDOVER, MASS. Incorporated February 7, 1828. WILLIAM S. JENKINS, President. JOSEPH A. SMART, Sec. and Treas. WILLIAM BARRETT, Agent.
SALEM, MASS - Page 158
SALEM, MASS. Incorporated March 14, 1843. CHAS. H. PRICE, President. THOS. H. JOHNSON, Vice-Pres. and Treas. WALTER L. HARRIS, Sec. ...
Hartford, Ct - Page 161
Hartford, Ct, Incorporated May, 1854, CASH ASSETS, - - $5729136.79. WILLIAM BARRETT, Agent. llwllUll 1I1UU1 ItlJUU VJUU1LSUJ11 II Providence, E, I, ...
Springfield, Mass - Page 161
1799. CASH ASSETS, - - - - $1489693.16. WILLIAM BARRETT, Agent. Springfield, Mass, INCORPORATED ... 1849. CASH ASSETS, - $3631969.42. ...
Old Road - Page 21
Clark, Thomas, harnessmaker, bds. at James Boylan's, CJ Clems, Thaddeus, laborer, Old Road to Nine Acre Corner. Cloutier, Arthur, blacksmith, Main St. ...
more pages: 11 18 25 26 30 31 32 35 40
Seattle, Washington - Page 80
of Cambridge, Mass., and of Seattle, Washington. In 1891 the church adopted the plan which is now so generally preferred in church government, ...

Popular passages

... power for a yeare to presse draughts, att reasonable rates, to be payde by the owners of the goods, to transport their goods thither att seasonable tymes ; & the name of the place is changed, & here after to be called Concord.Page 8
The delegates assembled here in the meeting house on that day and organized with John Hancock as president and Benjamin Lincoln as secretary Called together to maintain the rights of the people THIS CONGRESS assumed the government of the province and by its measures prepared the way for the war of the Revolution.Page 123
On this farm dwelt SIMON WILLARD one of the founders of Concord who did good service for Town and Colony for more than forty years. On a bronze plate set in granite on...Page 123
Here in the house of the Reverend Peter Bulkeley first minister and one of the founders of this town a bargain was made with the Squaw Sachem the Sagamore...Page 122
THE FIRST PROVINCIAL CONGRESS OF DELEGATES FROM THE TOWNS OF MASSACHUSETTS, Was called by conventions of the people to meet at Concord on the eleventh day of October, 1774. The delegates assembled here in the meeting-house on that day, and organized, with John Hancock as president and Benjamin Lincoln as secretary. Called together to maintain the rights of the people, this Congress assumed the government of the Province, and by its measures prepared the way for the War of the Revolution.Page 123
On this Hill The settlers of Concord Built their Meeting-House Near which they were buried. On the Southern slope of the Ridge Were their dwellings during The first winter. Below it they laid out Their First Road and On the Summit Stood the Liberty Pole of the Revolution. On a bronze plate set in granite...Page 122
... degrees from the temperature of the same hour of the preceding day from March to October, inclusive, and not more than six degrees for the remaining months of the year.Page 75
... publ[ic] charges except traineings; Further, that when any that plant there shall have occacon of carryeing of goods thither, they shall repaire to two of the nexte magistrates where the teames are, whoe shall have...Page 8

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