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CIHM/ICMH Collection de microfiches.

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original copy available for filming. Features of this copy which may be bibliographically unique, which may alter any of the images in the reproduction, or which may significantly change the usual method of filming, are checked below.



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rjT] Showthrough/

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Quality in^gale de I'impression

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Only edition available/ Seule Edition disponible

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best possible image/ Les pages totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont 6t6 filmdes d nouveau de fapon d obtenir la meilleure image possible.


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Library Division

Provincial Archives of British Columbia

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Las imagas sulvantas ont AtA raproduitas avac la plus grand soin, compta tanu da la condition at da la nattatA da l'axamplaira fiimi, at en conformity avac las conditions du contrat da filmaga.

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Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en papier est imprimis sont fiimAs en commen^ant par la premier plat at en terminant soit par la darnlAre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'iliustraticri, soit par la second plat, salon la cas. Tous las autres exemplaires originaux sont filmis en commenpant par la premiere page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration at en terminant par la derniAre page qui comporte une telle empreinte.

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Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios. Those too large to be entirely included in one exposure are filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to right end top to bottom, as many frames as required. The following diagrams illustrate the method:

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre fiimAs A des taux de reduction diffirents. Lorsque Ie document est trop grand pour dtre reproduit en un seul ciichA, il est filmi A partir de I'angie sup6rieur gauche, de gauche A droite, et de haut en bas, en prenant la nombre d'tmagas nicessaire. Les diagrammes suivants illustrent la mithode.












i ■»- V"


.X '- -■- --1-


Compleat Geographer;


Chorography^ and Xopography

Of all the known Parts of the

E A R T H-

To which is premis'd an Introduftion to Geography, And a Natural Hiftory of the Earth and the Elements.

C 0 N T A I N I N G

A True and Perfect Account of

I. The Situation, Bounds and Extent, Climate, Soil, Produftions, Hiftory, Trade, Manufaftures : The Religion, Manners and Cuftoms of tht; Peo- ple J with the Revolutions, Conqucfts and other Changes

Of all the Countries on the Earth,

II. The feveral Provinces that every Kingdom or State is Divided into.

III. The Principal Cities and moft Coniidcrabie Towns in the World, the Magnitude, Principal Buildirgs^ Antiquity,, Prefent State, Trade, Hilto- ry, &c. As alfo the Situation, with the Diftance and Bearing from other Towns : Together with all neceflary Pieces of Natural Hi(l:ory.

Tbe Whole Conuinlng

The Subftance of at leaft an Hundred and Fifty Books of Modern Travels, fditlifully

Abftradled and Digefted into Local Order ■■,

W H e R E B tf

The Prefent State of the moft Remote Countries is truly fliewn, and the Obfolctc and

Fabulous Accounts of Former Writers wholly Expung'd.

To which are added M a p s of every Country, fairly Engraven on Copper, according to the Lateft Surveys, and Neweft Difcoverics, moft Engrav'd by HERMAN MOLL.

Ihe TillRD^EDlTlON.

Wherein the Defcriptions of Asia, A f r i c \ and Am eric a are Cor pos'd anew from the Relations of Travellers of the Bcft Repute, efpecially fuch as haveappear'd within Thirty or Forty Years laft paft.


Printed for A w N s ii * m and J o h H Ch u n c m i l l at the Bl.tcL-Snwj

in Ptiter-Noftir-Rotv. And Timothy Chicdb, at the White-Hart, at tiie Weft-End of St. Paul's. Church- Yard. M.DCC.IX.



.i i


.■^■"w ■■'«:;;'






Concerning this

N E W E D I T I O N.

A.^ the IQimdedge of Foreign Countries is a Science that no Man of either Learning or Bufinefs can excufahly be without^ fo there is no certain ivajof attaining it, hut by confulting the Travellers that havt been upon the Spot. But the Number of lyavellers is fo Great, and their Writings J'o Voluminous, that the Study of them is Tedious ; and conftdering the many unnecejfary Things contained in juch Writings, the Reading ^em is even Irkfome. Wherefore an Abfirait of ivhat they have f aid, to the purpnfc, of' Geography, and their Accounts of Places difpos^d in right Method, cannot but be acceptable to the Publick.

The following Sheets contain that, namely a faithful Defer ipt ion of all the Countries of the Earth, according to the Reports of Modern Travellers. The whole Book is no- thing elfe but the Words of the mojt Credible Travellers and Hiftorians, and mofl Ju- diciow Geographers, difpos^d in a regular local Method. And alt ho'' this may be calfd a dejcrccln to our Book, as being only a, Collection of what others have fiid already, yet when it is confidered that no one Man can poffibly view the whole Earth in a Life-timey and there never having happened a 'jun£iure wherein any Set of Men have at one time taker a Survey of all Countries, and concur r''d together in one general Defer ipt ion ; it IS impojfible to come at a true Kjiowledge of the Earth but by this Method.

Had former Writers in Geography taken this Method, we hud not had fuch miflaken Notions of Dijiant Countries ; if the later Writers had not TranfcriPd only thole that went before em, this Trtatife had been lefs neceffary ; bit fmce no Body has yet had re- tourfe anew to the Fountain Heads, and fmce the lafl Age has produc'*d a new Set of Travellers to all the moft diflant Parts of the Earth, nothing can be more feafonable and inflruilive than this Work.

As we have with the great efl Care endeavour'' d to Write the exaif Truth every where^ and admit nothing that wantedgodd Authority ; We have been alfo careful to avoid all redundancy,, and have fet down only fo much as a judicious Reader will deftre for his Information, without extending the Matter tedioufly to pall his Apetite. And ive trujl we haze heenfo Happy in this, that it will be very difficult for any Body after us to ob- ferve an exafler Medium.

Alt ho'' Geography be the Subject we undertake, yet to illuflrate that, we have intro- duced a due Portion of the Hiftory of every Nation ; but in this too we hive been mind- ful to avoid Prolixity, remembring that it is but a Collateral Part, and only fubfer- vient to our proper Defign. When Dr. Hey 1 in in his Work enlarged fo far in the Hiflorical Part, it might indeed be necejTary, becaufe at that Time there were not many Hi/lories of Foreign Nations extant in the Englifb Tongue, but fmce of late Tears that defect is fo largely fupplfd, it would be giving our Readers a double 1 rouble and Expence to Tranfcribe 'em.

b h





Pacific N. W. Hi'-Jorv' Dcpt


vicroHiA a. c. .^





Jnjhort,f tvefjope we havt omitted nothing that an Ingenuous Redder would dejire in X Work of this Nature ; nor have inferted any thing that fuch a One would wijh td to he Expung'd.

A Blarnt perhaps may be laid upon us for fending out the Lijl Edition, without the nprovements that are now made. To that we anfwer, That thefe Improvet/ients were then intended^ and would have then been made^ if an unforefecn Incident had not pre- cipitated that Publication ; for when the Maps were all Engrav''dy and Fart of the Book Printed, a fudden and unnexpeiied Notice was given of an intended New Edition of Dr. HeylinV Cofmography, wherein it was fuppos*d the /\ew Editor would have in- fey led the Ohfervations of Modern Travellers, and renew'' d that Learned Author'' s De- fer ipt ions. For this Reafon the Dejign that was then on foot, namely, To ah fir act all the Modern Travels into Afia, Africa and America, whereby to make the Dejcripttons cf'thofe Parts of the World as Compleat as that o/" Europe, was by nectffity jhorten^d. But now that Editor has fbewn himfelf, and let us fee that our firjt Defign is perfeitly unperformed by him, we have Refum'd it, and from no lefs than an Hundred of thf Bejl and Newefl Travels, have drawn up a true and full Defer ipt ion p/" Afia, Africa and America ; which we hope is fo Accurate as to need no Alteration, and is as full as we ever purpofe to make it ; and therefore the Buyers of this Edition will be in no danger of having it hereafter Depretiated.

It is necejfary to Note, that in this Edition the Additions are as follow. In the IntroduUion is added a Natural Hiflory of the Earth, Tranjlated from the Phyfica, five de Rebus Corporeis ofMonfteur le Clerc, wherein all the Modern Oh- fervations and Difcoveries, proper for Ittujlrating that Subjeif, are exhibited, and the Opinions of the befl Philojophers fhemt, concerning all the Qualities and Effelis of the Elements.

In Europe all the Alterations and Additions in the fever al f(Jngdoms, which the great Anions abroad have made necejfary, and all the new Informations that late Tra- vellers havegiven^ are inferted* And becaufe Spain is a Country more talk'd of now than formerly, we have drawn out an entire new Defcriptton of that tQngdom from ma- ny Writers of that and the neighbouring Nationsi

The Defer iptions of Afia, Africa and America are Written wholly anew, and fo ample Accounts of every Part of thofe remote Countries are here given, that the Reader may withfmall Pains acquire almoft as intimate a /knowledge of them, as he has of his Native Land*

In the Index of Ancient Names of Places, we have given the Modern Names appo- fite, that the Reader may at one View be inform'' d of rrhat perhaps was all he jou^hty without the trouble of turning to the Page.

This has encreas^d the Bulk of the Book to Forty Sheets more than it was, and there- fore necejfarily enhans^d the Price. But it mtifi he remember'' d, that in this one Vo- lume the whole Earth is Defcrib''df and the Buyer jees at once what he is to expect.




The Authors Abftra£tcd in this Work.


No Country hasbcen more judicioufly lie- Icrib'd than Cre/tt Britain and Ireland, by the Learned and Indefatigable Mr. Camden, which the Additions of the Skilful Dr. Gil'fon, in the late Edition, rcnew'd and lupply'd; and therefore, when we lay, that our Account of thofe Countries is an Abridgment of that, and made by the Learned Editor, we luppolc our Reader will grant it to be a good one.

Monfieur dc la Croix, Geographer to the French King, havirg inhisGeogr.Tphy, given a very ample AccDunt of France in its prclcnt State, we have cho- fcn to T anflite him entire, and have taken the li- berty to add to him out of fcveral late Travellers, as Dr. Burnet, Dr. Koithieigh, Dr. Lifter, i^c. and cur own Knowledge. Whereby the Dcfcription of tiiir Country is rcndcr'd ascompleai as can be de- lir'd m a Work of this N.iturc.

The DclVnption of the Netherlands is ColleiSed from vci many Books of Travels and Hiltories, which the- many Wars there have occalion'd to be very full ot thf Accounts of Places: This together with cur own Knowledge, hss enabled us to give, we Iiope, a very Satisfadory, as well as true Defcrip- lion of tliat part of Europe.

For tbcDelcriptionof German;/, we acknowledge our fclves beholden to the Learned and Judicious, then Mr. Kicrlfn, now Lord Bilhop of Carlile, whofc Travels over a great part of that Country, added to his great Reading, rcndcr'd him perfedly capable to give the World an ample Dcfcription of it. If thetcfore we confcfs to have Abridg'd bis two Volumes of the Englifh Atlas, we truft our Reader will rather Applaud than Cenfurc us.

Switzerland and Italy, being Countries frequently travel'd thro', the Reader will believe we cannot err much there; we conlultcd Dt.Bmnet and Mr. MiCfLH, as the molt Modern, and many others of earlier date.

Our Accounts of Spain and Portugal have been itnprov'd out of Mariana, and other Hiftorians, l'ch!aricnci tie F.fpana ptir Mende^. Sjha Excellenciai de Hfpana de Gtegorio Lope;^ Madera, ^ntitjutt Po-

blaciones de Po^a. Co/as Me'morabtei d: Efpanna de Marinco Siculo, &c. Defer ipcioii de Poitugal de Duarto Nure;{ de Leon. Excellenciai de Poitugal de Antonio de Son/a Macedo, &c. Together with the Modern Travels of Mr. PVilloughby and others, l^c.

Scandinavia, or the Northern Kingdoms of Den- mart{ Sweden and Norttty, were fo amply defcrib'd by Mr. Todd, nov» D. D. and Prebendary ni Carlile, in that Volume of the Et-gUfh Atlas he Compiled, that in Abridging him, and confuliing fume later Travels, as Mr. Moldfnoith, 8cc. we have render 'd our Account of thofe Countries very perfedl.

Dr. Cdwwor having lived f«meYcarsinP(!/rf«</, and made Obfervations all the nme, we may allow his Account of that Nation tn bear foint Crrdit, and therefore by Illultratii.g i r Delcriptionout of him and feme others, we have, we think improv'd it.

The beft Gener<i| Account "f Mufcovy we coulil Colled out of former Geographies and .Atlas's, we have improv'd out of Olearius, the Earl of Carlile, fome very Modern Anommous Writers, /ii/,sOT Brandt and his Excellency, Tibrandts Ides,

Hungary having been the Theatre of long Wars, the Hiltories have furnilhcd us with pretty good Accounts of the chief Cities in that and the Neigh- bouring Countries, which we have improv'd out of Dr. Edward Brown, and others.

The Learned Sir Ceoge tVIieeler, by bis Travels thro' Greece, has enabled us to Illufkate our Dc- fcription of that part very fatisfadorily. And in the other Provinces of Turkey in Europe, we have pick'd up the beft Lights we could out of divers Authors.

Many froall Pieces which we have confulted, we have omitted to name, left we tire the Reader. Among thofe arc the EtigliJ!: Gentleman's Travels thro' Portugal. Spain, Italy, Germany. Sweden, Den- W(»r;(l and the Netherlands, in the Years 1693,. to 1697. An Account of a Journey out of Poland inio Mufcovji, and of the Tumult occafion'd in that Court by the prefent Cs^ar's Sifter. A Letter con- ccrning the Siege of y4:!(oph and Kfjikermen. The Sieur de Bf4«//'i«'s Dcfcription oi iheVfyain, and feveral Provinces of Ptland, fcc.

A Catalo^^ue of the Books of Travels and Authentick Hiftories^ out of which the Vcfcnptions of A S I A^ RIC A and A M¥.R\ C A, are almoU intirely Extra^ed,

John Bapt. Tavnnier's Six Voyages to Perjia, In- dia, &c.

Mounfieur de Thevenots Travels into the Levant, Et(>pt, thio' Syria, and Mefopotamia into Perfia and India, between the Years 1660 and 1670.

Seignior John Francis Genjclli Caieri, L. L. D. his Complcat Travels round the World by Land: thro' Turkey, Per/ia, India, China, the Phillippinelttandi I hence crofs the South Sea to /tcapulco in New Spain, and rhcnce by Land to Mexico, thence to Vera f>«^, to the Havana, and fo by Sea to Europe. Pcrform'd in the Years 1693, to 1699

The Travels of the AmbafTadourii r'rom the Duke of Holflein to Perjia, by the way of Mufcovy and the Cafpian Sea. Written by their Secretary, J, Ole- arius.

John Albert de Mandeljlot continuation of the fame Voyageinto/nA'./.

Sir George iVlieelcri Travels into Greece and Apa Minor,

Dr. Thomas Smith's Survey of the Seven Churches of Afia Minor, in the Year 1 670.

Mr. Sandy's Travels into Egypt, Palejline, Syria, Afia Minor, 8cc.

b 1 Mr.

I (.

BooJ^ AhUrSecl in this Wor)^

Mr. MintJevilPs Journey from Akffo to Jeruftltm, in

the Year 1697. Dr. Leonard H*uinlfi Traveli in 5>ri4, Ptiltfiint,

ArmtnUt Me/opotamia, Ajjyria Chaldea, &c. Sir John CbarJin's Voy age to Ferfia by the way of the

BUck-^'n tndColchoi,, inthe Years 1671, land i- FathiT Averill's Travels to the Cafpian Sta, and thro"

part ofTartarf, endeavouring a new way toCiiHa,

in the Ye.irs 1^83, 6. Sir Tl'omas Herbtrt'i Travels into Perfu, India, &c. rtis Excellency E. Tibrttndts Ides Journey from

Mofcon, over Land thro' Tartary to China, in the

Years 1692, i, (§c. Father il'erbei/i's Journey, attending the King of

China frotn Pe\im -0 the Eaft part of Tartar^, in

the Year 1681, and his Journey the next Year

into Tartar]/, 600 Miles Wefiitard, Sir Thomas I{oe's Journal of his EmbalTy from

King James I. to the Grw^ Mi;^«/. Mr. Jchn Nieuhcjfi Travels into the Ball-Indies, in

the Years 1660, to 1671. Mr. Philip Sald<eUs Defcription of Malabar, Coro-

mandcl, Ceylon, 8cc. where he refided many Years,

bciween 1630 and 1670. Capt. /{iiox's Relation of the Ifland Cy/cn, where he

refided above lo Years, v'?. from 1657, to 1679. Monficiir Bermer's Hiflory of the Empire of the

Great Mogul. Monfieur Louliere's EmbalTy to Sjtam, in the Years

1687, and i638. Father Borri'i Account o! Cochinchina. Datnpier's Voyage round the World, 1688. Father Dominic FernanJe^ Navarette's Account of

China, where he refided a Miflionary many Years, Father G<jir.Af«^4i7/«n's Defcription of China, where

he refided from 1640, to 1677. ADcfcriprioBof China, by Dionyfius I^ao, aChridi-

an Native of the Gountrey, brought thence by

his Excellency E. Ytbrandts Ides. Father le Compte's Obfervations, Political, Natural

and Topographical on China. Ceo. Candidiiis Account of the Ifland Formofa,

The exadl Defcription of the Kindom of Japon, Written in Dutch by Francis Caron, who livd long there, was Mafter of the Japonefe Language, and ferv'd the Eaft-India Company, asDirctaorof their Trade in Jipon. Together with the Notes upon him by Haf^enan, who alfo liv'd a long time there. ,. Xaf/fi-'j EpiltlcsGJc.

Boland's Obfervations on the Straight of Gibral- tar.

•X" H E feveYal general Defcriptions of AFBJCA, *■ Written by Leo Africanus. Marntol la Croix, &c. Bibliothe/]ue Oritntalep ar Herbelot. Emanuel dt Faria y Soufa Africa Portuguefa. Jean Baftifte Gramaye Africa lUuflrata. M. Livia Sanuto, Geographia deli Africa: Hiftoire (Sf Defcription de Moroc, &c. par MoHette. JStat des ^oyaumes de Barbarie, Rife and Progrefs of the Xeriffian Family in Bar-

bary. Defcription of Algier. Martin Baumgarten't Travels into Egypt. Mr, S<t«</rj's Travels imo Egipt. Monfieur Thevenot's, ditto. Dr. Ltoii H/iuroolfi, ditto. Mr. Greaves's Defcription of the Pyrainids. Voyage to Mauritania, by Roland Frejut. Hiftoria del Ethiopia per TeHes, being a Coll«<Si<5n

Out of feveral Relations of Ethiipia, made by tli

Jefuiies MifTionaries. Bofman'i Defcription of Guinea, I{i(hard Jobfon'i Voyage for ihc DilcoverV of toe

Gold Trade. Ja. Lange'% Voyage to Cape I'crile, in 1621. Mich. Angela (SS Den. C.irli'% Vcjyagc to Congo. Jer. Meralla da Sorrento's Voyage to Coti^o. Ten Uliyne's Account of the Cape of Good Hope, and

of the Hottentot's.


flrem's General Hiftory of the lyEST-INDlES. De Laet s Hi(t. of the New World, o.- Dcfcrip- on of the H'c ft Indies.

The Life ofChriftopher Columbus, the Difcoverer of AMEf(ICA.

D' Acofta's Natural Hiftory of the ll'eft.Jndies.

The fevtral Voyages of Sir IVJter /{.ileigh, Mr. Candifh, Iludfon, Davit, Fr. Spirrey, and other the firft EngUJh Difcovcrers of America.

Ftrd. Magaillan'sVoyagc and Difcovery of the South Sea.

Other Navigators, thro' the M.igellanick Straights, as Sibald de PVeert, Comeilfon, Spilllergen, &c.

S\t l^ichard Havot^ins Voyage "no li.e jouth Sea.

HiftoryoftheConqucft oi Mexico by the Spaniards.

Account of fh: Spanifli^.'cji.indies, by Alex.Vtfmt and others.

Gage'i Survey of the iPefl-Indies.

John Moncl(t Voyage to Hudfon's Straights.

Accounts of the firit Eng/ifi} Plantations in Virginia by feveral.

The Difcoverics of John Lederer from Virginia to the Weft of Carolina.

The prefent State of Virginia, lately Publifli'd.

Accounts of the Difcoverits and firft Settlements in New England.

Account of BfrmHrf/j/.from Captain Smith and others.

Next Tork_, Maryland, Penfilvania, Newfound- land, 8(0.

Account of the firft French Voyages to North Ame- rica.

Samuel Champlain's Voyage to Canada.

Monfieur Mont's Voyage to New France,

MondcMt Hennepin's Travels in North America.

De la Salle's Travels, ditto. la Hontain'sVoytf^e, ditto.

De la Barre's Expedition againft the Iroquoifi.

Denonville's, ditto.

Voyage to Florida, by Pamph. Narvae^.

Ditto, by Ferdin. de Soto.

Hela:(^ao Annal das Coufas que fix^erao os Padres dt Companhia na India, e no Brazil, that is, an ac- count of the Proceedings of the Millionaries in Bra:(il, etc.

Nieuhoff's Travels in Brazil.

Ant. Seppe't Voyage to Paraguay,

Nich. delTecho, ditto.

Alonfo de Ovalle's Hifiorical Relation of Chili.

Cie:(a's Defcription of Peru.

Hijloria del Drfcubrimicnto^ Ccn/juifla del Peru, de Auguftin de S^orate.

Hijloria des Ijles Antilles.

Hiftory of the Caribie I/landt.

Ligon's Hiftory of Barbadoes.

Dampier's Voyages.

The Hiftory of the Buccaniers in the South-Sea,

Sir John Narborough's Voyage.

With many others, which we have not room fo mention.





jin lotrcduftion to GEOGRAPHY.

CHAP. I. Of tk UNIVERSE, P. iii

Cliap.n. Of the SPHERH, vii

Chap. ni. Oftbc Inhabitants of ibe Earth, mib Tcfp:ll to CLIMATES, SHADOWS, SITUATION, CS'f. >*»>^ nZ/o 4 Definition ofibi Urms LONGITUDE mi

Latitude, x

Cbap. IV. Co«ffr«/»g«('f EARTH; hi Figure, Din i- fions, CJf. And a Table of MeafBrej, xiv

Chap. V. Ofrr.KUSufedin fiEOGRAPHY,

Short aid neccflary Infttuftions to Beginners for the un- derftandingo/'Mans, xvi

ADVERTISEMENT cmerning ttis Sett of Map , and the CorredVion of LONGITUDE bj Modern 'Jbfer- vations, xvii.

A Natural Hiftory of the ELEMENTS: ot a Philofo- phical View of thi Sublunary World. I>i 2 Books.

BOOK I. cfthe Earth and Sea, xix

Chap. I. Of the V-AKTH covfidir'd in its Jelf, xix

Chap. II. O/Subterraneous Things /'» general, tndfirfl

o\ Sulphur and Bitumen, xx

Chap. III. of FIRE in General, ttii more efpecially of

Subterraneous Fires, and Earthquakes ocafwn'd by

thm, xxii


Chap. V. qf/Hf* FOSSILS 4J ireCdJcindby^ite, xtx Chap. VI. Of the MAGNET or LOADSTONE, md

its Properties, xxxiii

Chap. VII. Of FOUNTAINS aud RIVERS, xxxvi Chap. VIII. of the SB.-*, xxxix

BOOK 11. Of the AIR. and METEORS.

Chap. I. Cfthe AIR, xlii

Chap. II. of Meteors in Centra], and Vapours trifing

from the SNatet, »ie»«F)gg3, Clouds, Dews, Rains,

Snovi and y{3'\[ are product, t, xliv

Cbap. III. of the Rainbow, Halo's, «.'(( Parrheli). xlv

Chap. IV. cTFiery Exhalations, Thunder, Lightening,

the 1 hunder-bolt, Ki. xlviii

Chap. V. of WIND ,. 1

G'e o g r a p u y, Or a pafticuLtr Defer ff^ tiort of nil the known Farts of the

E -V K. T H.

Jl View of the Earth as it viis laianin to ibe Ancients.

Of £[X KOPE in General.

O/GREAT BRITAIN (■» C#»eM/, pi «


Cornwal, p. 8. Devonfliire, 9. Dorfetlhire, to. Somerfetlnire, 11. V/jlt(hire, 12. Hamjlhire, 13.

Berkdiire, 14. Surrey. Suffer, 1^. Kent, 16. Glocefterlhire, 18. Oxfcrdfhire, 18. ButUingham- fliire. Bedfordfhire, 20. Hertfordlhire. Middlefex, 21. Effex, 23. Suffolk, 23. Norfolk, 2.}. Cam- bridgelhire, 2'i. Huntingdonfhire. Nortbampton- fliire, 26. Leicefterlhire, 27. Rutlandfhire. Lin- colnfhire, 2i?, Nottinghamlhire. Derbylhite, 29.\Vat- wickdiire Worcefterlnire. ^o.St.iifordihire.Shroplhire, 31 Chelhire, 32. Herefordlliire, 33, Yorklhiie. Weft- Riding, 33. Eaft-Riding,3,v. North-Riding 3^. Ricli- mondlfilre, 3^. Durham, 35. Lancadnre, 36. Weft- moreland, 37. Cumberland, 37. Northumberland 38.

WALES, 40 Radnorfhire. Brecknockfhire, 40. MonmdUththire. Cilamorganlhire, 4t. Caermarthen. Pembroke. Car- digan-Shires, 42. Montgom.^ty. Meriony'd. Ca- ernarvon-Shires, 43. Anglefey, 44. Denbigh. Flfnr- fhire, 44. The ISLE #/Man,


TfeShires o/Scotland, The E.ttent of the Dioeefe;, The Synods and Presbyteries, The Chief Cities and Towns, Ancient Places,


The Provinces and Counties, T"*? Principal Cities wd Towns, Ancient Places, JERSEY 4«dGARNSEY,

4$ ♦4

tl 49 49

54 "!♦ 55 59


Chap. I. of France In General,

Seft. 2. Of the Ancient State,

Sett. 3. Of the French Kings,

Seft. 4. ofthe Government, Laws dc.

Seft. 5. 0/ Arch-Bifhopricks, Bilhopricks verfities of France,

Sea. 6. Of the Extent ofthe French King ons, £?(.-.

The Governments iJ«4 Provinces; Chap. IT. Normandy, Chap. III. Picardy, Chap. IV. Champaign, Chap. V. The Illc of France, Chap. VI. Bretaign, Chap. VIL Orleannois, Chap. VIII. Burgundy, Chap. IX. Lyonnois, Chap. X. Guienne, Chap. XI. Languedoc, Chap. xn. Provence,



62 and Uni- 64. s Domini- 65 67 68

7? &



•' ua ««7


I '

Chap* XIII



(hap.. XIII. Uuphine, Chap. XIV. Lorraine,


^/ »Kr N i: T H E R L A N D S in Getitrtl,


/fcAiicicMt State, ,


7*1; Suctf IFion /■« lAf Houleo/ Burgundy.

7fc iTcfcnt State of ifc Siianift Netherlands in





7he PROVINCES, i;>.

Clap. T. Artois


Chap, I(. Handers


<.hai>. HI. Brabant


Chap. IV. H.ninault


< hap. V. CambreTis,


Char. VI. Luxemburg,

144 VI'. Namur,


Chap. VIII. Limbnrg,


Chap. IX. Riftioprick «/ Liege.


T*f UNITED. Netherlands.

Chap. X. 7ly United Netherlands in Geviml,


Chap. XI Holland ind WeftfriHland,


Chap. Xlli 7...-aland,


Chap. XIH. Utrtcht,


Chap. XIV. G'-lderland *nd Zutphen,


Chap. XV. Ovcriirn,


Chap. XVf. Friczland,


Chap. XVII. Groningcn,



Chap. T. 0/ Germany in Gtntr.'l, 170>., Ancient State, fSt. 171 O'i the I'owc-r 0/ lie Umperor, 175 King 0/' (it- Romans, Eleftors, ff<. 175 Imperial ( ities jiiJ lianfe Towns, l^6 7iiic Diet c/ i/if H'.npire, I77 Courts, Atch-Bi(hops, Bilhops ml Uniyerfities, 177 Tfc Circles atd Territories, 178, 9, 80 Chap. 11. 7/« Spiritual Eleftorates, 180 Seft. I. Eleflorate of Cologn, 180 Sea. 2. Eleflorateo/ Trier, 182 Seih %. Elctlorate 0/ Mentz, 183, Chap. III. Heflen, 184 Cli.ip. W. Franconia, 187 Cliap. V. Palatinate of the Rhine, 189 Spitv*, Worms, Zweybrug C?..-. 191 Chap. VI. Alfatia, 191 Chap. VII. Schwaben, 193 Chap. Vlll. Bavaria, 197 Chap. IX. T*« Circle of Auftria, aoo Chap. X. Bohemia, Silefia mi Moravia, 2c6 Chap. XI. Eleftorate of Brandenburg, viith Magde- burg, Halberftadt ■JM.I Pomerania, 209 Chap. xll. Saxony, 213 Cliap. Xllt. Circle o/Weftphalia, 222


Chap. I. Swifferland in Csv:ril, 228

Chap. U Tb^ Swifs-Cantons, 331

Chap. lit. The Grilons ,vi.t other Allies, 236

Cliap. IV. Ihe Subjetts o/tfe Switzen, 940



Chap. I. Italy iii dnerji,

Chap. II Piedmont,

Chap. in. CoiSli of Genoa,

Chap. IV. Mtntferar,

Chap. V. Milan,

Chap. vr. Parma,

( hap. VII. Mndena,

Chap. VUI. Mantua,

Chap. IX. lifpiibliik of Venice, "

Chap. X. Lucca, Rcpublick,

Chap. XL Dominions o/Oreat Duke c/Tufuny,

Chap. XII. ne i'opc's Dominions,

Chap. XIH. Ih Kingdom 0/ Naples,

Chap. XIV. Illandi oMiiteCoafts «/' Italy,


S P A J N.

Chap. T. Spain in Cttieni, Chap. II. Callicia, Chap. in. Navarte, Chap. IV. Arragou,

Catalonia, Chap. v. Valencia, Chap. VL New<:aftilf, Chap. Vil. Old-Caftile, Chap. VIII, r.eon. Chap. IX. Eftremadura, Chap X. Andaluzia, , Clijp XI. Oranada, CIijp. Xn. Murcia,

lie Iliands, Majorca, Minorca, ^c.

)■.- »/

/ .1 . 1


Tit Provime of Lt\tte Douro e Miiiho,

/fc Province Tras os Monte,

The Province of Bcira,

7be Province of Eftremaduia,

Jte Provitice of Alemtejo,

Tie Kl'ipjom o/Algarve,

Jht Azores or Tcrcera Iflmis,






549 S5«







Chap. I. of Denmark in Ceneril, o6«

Chap. II 0/Hol(Vcin, ' ^6%

Chap. III. 0/ 'outh- Jutland or Sleswick, 370

Chap. IV. 0/ North-Jutland, ^jt

0\ the Baltick Sea, ' 37,

Chap. V, 0/ Seebnd, 37^

Chap VI. Oj Funen, 37*

Chap. VII. 0/ the refl of the Iflands, 376

0/ NOR WAY in General and particultr, 378, to 381


1)1 Cemnl dw.U'i/i/ii./.!)

342 to 246

Chap. I. 0/ Sweden in Genera,

•>.:.' 381

Chap. II. H'Mciea proptrlj fi) dU' 4,

. , 38«

Chap. Ill Gothland,

' ' 3tt

Chap. IV. Lapland,


Chap. V. Finland,


Chap. VI. Livonia or Liefland,


Chap. VU. InRria,


Chap. Vlll. Iliands beltnging to Sweden, 396





Chap. I. ff Poland itiQetKril,^ , 397

( hap. II. I'otand propetl)/ fi cjR'il', 401

Chai'. Ml. PrUru, , 40}

Cliap IV. Sjmogitia i(wi<Conrlam1, 406

Chap. V. Lithuania, 407

Chn?. VI Warlorta, rolachi* wJ PoMia, 409 Chirp. VII. Red Ruflia, PodoUa, Volhynia, mi %ht

Okrain, 4'°


Chap. I. of Vul'covy /•' Ctn'rul, \- <\ 1 * 41 j

> ftiort Abftratt »/ the Hiftoiy of it,. ' ." 415

cf I*- Troubles f^tven 10 tie ftfj'tm K:ur\, by'i'is Sifler

the rrbitefi Sophia, 417

ft- ProyinWi nf the Mufcovian Pmpirc, 419

Chip. 11. Ihf Weftern Provinces, fying ktlV'cen »fc

VVolga. Poland tnd J artary, 4 jo

Chap, III. Provinces />//.:; buxeetn tk Upper Stream

r/ tbt Wolfa, and I'v North-Sea, 424.

Chap. IV. Nova-Zembla, Samoieda, mil Siberia ; ind

tie Mufcovian lartary, 427


of Hungary in Cmmi, ^fi

7i« Princiial Cities i»Jreinarl<jble Towns, 431


TV Chief Cities «»ii Towns,



... «*°


Chjp. I. P/ Turkey in GettertI, "' Chdi) II. GRK*CB,

Maccdon, 4V). Atbanii, 451. TheiTaly, 455. Achaia, 4>i-;, Ch«t». ill. feleiHiiinffti* •»• tlu Mm'Mt . . ^^y Chap. IV lllands on tin Coafts cf Ottxce, ^'••2

Chap. V. Bofnia, iurt of Sclaronia atd Hungary, R»-

gula tud D^lmatia, 4^4

Chap. VI. Servia W HDlftaria,

Chap, VII. Roirania or Thrace, 471

0»''"- '3over;imfnt «/.( Ciiftoms cf the Turks, 475 Chap. \ ■■ ; Walachia, Moldavia, Benetabia tint ihc

Oczak. ^ jvMry, ,^y^

'( ramtit'Minoc, tnd tttCtm-Jittif^i 460

vtir;. t.i . .,- I "^

~ ■> .'■ ■■ T. .1 'f

445 r 'f'K



Chap. IX.

The Contents of


F Afia /fi Ci<ncr4l,




Chap. I. Natolia or Afia-Minor, Chap. II. lllandsoMt*irCoafto/ Natolia, Chap. 11 . Syria wJ Phoenicia, Chap- IV. Cf tki Modern State of Judea, Chap. V. Cf iK- Ancient State of Judea, The Territories of tke TweUe Tribes,

4 12



* 23

27 C?c

ARABIA I'w Cnenl, mi of Mahomet, 57

Arabia Ucferta, A]

Pctrea, »^"'-

Arab'- Mi!t, . . . "^^ Chap. VI. Uiarbcck it Urft, cotnainmg tbe Ancient

Mefoiiotamia, Chaldea and Affyria, ^ 45

Chap. VII. Turcoinania or Armenia, 52

GEORGIA, MlNGREUA e?(. "■ [' 5$

1 \


of Perfia in Ceinnl, Ancient «»(( Modern, ilc Provinces ind Chief Cities if Perlia,

5lt» 67

6S M 77

T A R T A R Y.

rf Tavt.iry in Cer.inl,

ibe P' oviiKcs and Chief Cities,

7? 8j

the Second Part.


,,, . ,ij '' -1, ..

TJe Eaftem I'^rt o/Tartary, Trtvlfd thro bj fuber Verbieft, gi

j4h Abftraft n/"t*f Jeumy/VomMiifcovy to China, tho' the midland of Tartary } bj tht Enibatfador Lb Ydes, ' •"'^'

- - - > ^ .


77je E A S T-I N D I E S.

Of tbe Eaft Indies /;; Cenenl, gk

of ft(f Firft European Voyage'; to the E4ft-Indiesi »*, rtsEMPIKEo/ tie GREAT MOUUl. Of Moguliftan or Indoftan in Getiemi, gA

0/ Aureng-Zebe, his Hiftory, Perfen, Virtaej, Filnilf

awJ Death, p, „,

T**). Provinces Md Chief Cities deferib'ti g6 to lo^

y4 Relation of the Death c/ Aureng-Zebc; «ffif ife

Battle betmeen his Sons, W

Erratum »/;« Book, 170*, 7. for 1707, .ST.

r/>ir Peninfula 0/ I N D I A wkhin the G A N- G E S. 107

The Kingdoms nnd Counttys »/ft,' '• Pefcription of tbe Countrys tni Cities, Of the Diamond-Mines,

The Peninfula «/ I N D I A beyond the G AN-

G^s. .:=7 .. ... -v. :,;^

19? I ly tit

t v ( ,'i ji:> (.,

Of •** Monarchy of aVa 4»i PEGli, of tic Kingdom 0/ SYAM, ^-^ ,|,,Mf

O/i fi? Peninfula 0/ Malaca, . „, •..i^j.i.So

0/ Cambodia or Caroboya, ir-v ,>'-'. iijtp.

07 TONQ,mN, and Cochinchin* «r Aoam, i4i

c 2 7i«






Tb« ISLANDS on the Cmf^.cf INDIA.

Santa Hekna, i?4. Mauritus, lat.

CEYLON, . . 1 . is$


The SaU J A-ISI.AUDS, " laf

71* SPICE-ISLANDS, i;.|A- i29 The MOLUCCA-ISLANDS, yyu, - , j 130 TSe PHILTF PINE-ISLANDS, A) ,- 13* Tie LADRONES-lSLANDiH 13$

^>i ' ,-: C H I N A. . J,

•f China CoKTi/, ; .,..', r 3*c Tartar-Conqueft «/ ii, . "■■ T«e Provinces tnd Chief Citiies ie/a.^i 0/lfe!flaud FORMOSA,

\ t

'»4«»a (42 » 14^


Wf Mad»rJESSO.


'l^ ^,^ ._. ^ J A PO N- ■';_;•

Of ife Inhabitants,

The Power «»i/ Rereouc of tfe Empenr, 7i<r Temper o/»Ac Peopk, Tit Learning aid Religion, Jfe Trade, -mi the Dutch tiiiri, Tte Perfecotion of Chriftians, The Chief Cities, «i ife Emperor's firib'd,

lie Manner «f tUAVELLlNG fu lodii.

Of Camels,

He Mountains of Afia,


■,;... ) .! .'Ji... )

»5i, a.


FaSace x;<;-

S54. «55


^ General and Particfdlir Defiriftion «/ AFRICA.

CHAP. I. 0/ Afiia if Gaiera 165 Clup. U. BARBARY M GCTfiJ, M58 Chap. HI. Moioco, t6^ Chap. IV. Fa, «72 Chap. V. Argicr- i- if* Chapu Vi. Tunis, •«» Cfaap. Vl[. Tripoli Mnd Baica, 1S3 Chap. VIII. Hittiarical Accoaru. ofiiAi^, 1S5 Chap. IX 0/ /EGYPT, 187 Hifloiial Aixo*int«f j^gypt, i9> Chap. X. Of BlLfiDULGEHiD, 191 Chap. XI. Of ZAHAra, or rfe Deiait, ijS Chap. XH. 7/&(