Cognovi omnia volatilia coeli.



(Successors to J. VAN VOORST.)





A Preface is, we suppose, necessary for the thirty- second, as for the preceding volumes of ' The Ibis,' but we need not detain our readers long on the present occasion.

It will perhaps be observed that the second volume of the Sixth Series of this Journal is not quite so bulky as those which immediately precede it ; but it will be allowed, we trust, that it does not fall behind them in interest or variety. By the list of contri- butors it will be seen that the Editor has received valuable support from many of the older members of the British Ornithologists' Union, for which he begs leave to tender them his most hearty thanks. He would, however, venture to suggest that some of the younger members, by whose names the roll of the B. O. U. is annually increased, should take a more decided interest in our favourite subject. It is diffi- cult, no doubt, and becomes every year more difficult, to find new ground to work and new birds to describe ; but in the Anatomy, Osteology, and Pterylography of Birds there is still an ample field open, and one which will yield abundant fruits to energy and experience. It should be always recollected that, of the twelve thousand birds known to science, eleven thousand or


more are only known to us by their dried skins, their beaks, and their feet. These organs, although affording valuable help towards a preliminary arrangement, are, as we are now beginning to discover, by no means sufficient to establish the correct place of any bird in the Natural System.

It may also be added, for the benefit of those who are not well qualified for the examination of the above- named structures, that much still remains to be done in the study of the habits and nidification of exotic species. Field-notes on this subject, based on personal observation, are always most valuable. As regards the birds of many parts of the world, such informa- tion is still sadly deficient, although great advances have recently been made in this direction.

P. L. S.

3 Hanover Square, London, W. Sept, 1st, 1890.


[An asterisk indicates an Original Member.]

Date of Election.

1881. William Randal, Earl of Antrim; St. James's Palace, London, S.W.

1887. Frederick Charles Aplin ; Bodicote, Banbury.

1888. Oliver Vernon Aplin ; Bloxham, Banbury.

1885. James Backhouse, Jun., F.Z.S. ; 2 Eton Terrace, Harrogate. 5 1879. Valentine Ball, F.R.S. ; Science and Art Museum, Dublin.

1889. Richard James Balston, F.Z.S. ; Springfield, Maidstone.

1890. Francis Hubert Barclay; Knott's Green, Leyton.

1872. Hanburv Barclay, Colonel, F.Z.S. ; Cross Oak, Great Berk-

hampstead, Herts. 1885. Hugh G. Barclay ; Colney Hall, Norwich. 10 1884. Henry E. Barnes, Lieut. ; Commissariat Department, Aden. 1881. Richard Manliffe Barrington, LL.B. ; Fassaroe, Bray, co.

Wicklow. 1885. E. F. Becher, Major R.A., F.Z.S.; care of Rev. W. Becher,

Wcllow-green Cottage, Wellow, Newark-on-Treni, Notts. 1884. Frank E. Beddard, F.Z.S., Prosector to the Zoological Society

of London ; 13 Castlcbar Road, Ealing, London, W. 1875. John Biddulph, Colonel, Bengal Stan' Corps, F.Z.S. ; Ajmere,

Rajput ana, India. k 1880. Edward Bidwell ; 1 Trig Lane, Upper Thames Street, Lon- don, E.G. 1884. C. T. Bingham, Major, F.Z.S. Deputy Conservator of Forests,

Moulmein, Burma.

1873. W. T. Blanford, F.R.S., F.Z.S., &c. ; 72 Bedford Gardens,

Kensington, London, W. 1878. William Borrer, M.A., F.L.S. ; Cowfold, Horsham.

Date of Election.

1885. William F. Bbockholeb; Claughton-on-Brock, Garstang, Lancashire.

20 1890. Hahky Brinsley Brooke ; 33 Egerton Gardens, Kensington.

1868. Thomas Edward Buckley, B.A., F.Z.S.; Millerton House, Inverness, N.B.

1872. Sir Walter La why Buller, K.C.M.G., Sc.D., F.R.S., C.M.Z.S., &c. ; Wellington, New Zealand, and 15 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.

1884. E. A. Butler, Lieut.-Col. ; Herringfleet Hall, Lowestoft.

1884. Geoffrey Fowell Buxton ; Sunny Hill, Thorpe, Norwich. 25 1889. Eweh Somerled Camerok, F.Z.S. ; Burgar, Evie, Orkney.

1888. John Duncan Cameron; Low wood, Bethersden, near Ashford, Kent.

L879. Thomas David Gibson Carmichael, F.Z.S. ; Chiefswood, Mel- rose, Lanarkshire, N.B.

1888. James Carter; Burton House, Masham, Yorkshire. L890. Charles John Philip Cave; Ditcham Bark, Petersfield.

.30 1888. Walter Chamberlain, F.Z.S. ; Harborno Hall, Harborne, near Birmingham. 1884. Abel Chapman; Roker, Sunderland. 1882. Robert. William Chase ; Southfield, Priory Road, Birmingham.

1889. Stephenson Robert Clarke, F.Z.S.; Croydon Lodge, Croydon. 1880. William Eagle Clarke, F.L.S. ; Science and Art Museum,

Edinburgh. 35 1870. Edward Henry Stuart, Lord Clifton, F.Z.S.; Dumpton

Bark, Ramsgate. 1880. E. H. Coopeb, Lieut.-Col., F.Z.S. ; 42 Portman Square,

London, W. 1874. John Cordeaux; Great Cotes, Ulceby, Lincolnshire. 1888. William Wilfrid Cordeaux, Lieut. 2nd Dragoon Guards;

Queen's Bay's Cavalry Depot, Canterbury.

1882. Charles B. Cory, F.Z.S. ; 8 Arlington Street, Boston, Mass.,

U.S.A. 40 1882. Philip Crowley, F.Z.S. ; Waddon House, Waddon, Croydon. L877. J. J. Dalolkisii ; 8 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh. 1874. Charles G. Daneord, F.Z.S. ; Villa des .Ids d'eau, Bout do Briques, Pas-de-Calais, France;, and Conservative Club, St. James's Street, London, S.W.

1883. James Davidson; ;52 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh. L884. William Rux ton Davison, F.Z.S. ; care of Messrs. Dawson

& Son, Booksellers, 121 Cannon Sheet. E.C.

Date of


45 1889: William Henry Dobie, M.R.C.S. ; 22 Upper Northgato Street, Chester.

1883. Scrope B. Doig; Public Works Department, Bombay. ] 880. Arthur Dowbbtt, F.Z.S. ; Castle Hill House, Reading. 1805. Henry Ebleb Dresser, F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Topclyffe Grange,

Farnborough, Beckenham, Kent. *Henry Maurice Drummond-Hay, C.M.Z.S., Lieut.-Col., Royal Perth Rifles ; Seggieden, Perth. 50 1S90. James A, G. Drummond-Hay : Coldstream Guards, Victoria Barracks, "Windsor.

1878. W. Arthur Dtjrnford; Elsecar, Barnsley.

187b'. George Le C. Egerton, Commander R.X. ; The Lodge, Stoke Road. Gosport.

1870. Daniel Giraud Elliot, F.R.S.E., F.Z.S., &c. ; Fuller Build- ings, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A.

1884. Algernon Elliott, Assist. Comm., Amraoti, Berar. 55 1800. Henry John E laves, F.Z.S. ; Preston, Cirencester.

1870. Artuur Humble Evans, M.A., F.Z.S. ; 9 Harvey Road, Cam- bridge.

1888. William Evans, F.R.S.E. ; IS a Morningside Park, Edin- burgh.

1873. H. W. Feilden, Lieut.-Col., C.M.Z.S.: West House. Wells, Norfolk.

1886. Harold Stuart Ferguson, Lieut. Nail Brigade ; Trevaudrum,

Travancore. 60 1890. Lionel Fisher ; Kandy, Ceylon.

1884. Henry Oeo Forbes, F.Z.S. ; Canterbury Museum, Christ- church, New Zealand.

1880. William Foster ; The Hill, Witley, Surrey.

1887. W. W. Foavler, M.A. ; Lincolu College, Oxford.

180.3. Rev. Henry Elliott Fox, M.A. ; 12 South Bailey, Durham. 65 1881, Percy Evans Freke ; 9 Sydenham Road, Dundrum, co. Dublin.

1881. Hans Gadoav, Ph.D., F.Z.S.; Zoological Museums, Downing

Street, Cambridge. 1880. Cuarles William Francis. Earl of Gainsborough ; Exton

Park, Oakham. 1 885. Sir Ralph Payne Gallavey, Bart. ; Thirkleby Park, Thirsk. L879. Ernest Gibson ; 1 Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh. j0 -Frederick DuCane Godman, F.R.S.. F.Z.8., &e. ; 1«» Chandos

Street. Cavendish Square, London. W.

Date of Election.

*Percy Sanden Godman, B.A., C.MJZ.S. ; Muntham, Horsham. 1874. H. H. Godwin-Austen, Lieut.-Col., F.R.S., F.Z.S., &c. ; Shal- ford House, Guildford.

1884. J. G. Goodchild, F.Z.S. ; Museum of Science and Art, Edin-


1886. William Graham, F.Z.S. ; Manor House, Crayford, Kent. 75 1890. Willtam R. Ogilvie Grant; 0 Stanhope Place, Hyde Park,

W. 1878. Henry Grey, Bengal Staff Corps ; care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co.

1885. F. H. H. Guillemard, M.A., M.D., F.Z.S. ; Eltham, Kent.

1876. Alrert C. L. G. Gunther, M.A., M.D., F.R.S., F.Z.S. &c. ;

Keeper of the Zoological Department, British Museum (Natural History), London, S.W. 1870. John Henry Gxjrney, F.Z.S. ; Keswick Hall, Norwich, and Athenaeum Club. 8o 1890. Joshua Reynolds Gascoign Gavatkin ; Manor House, Potherne, Devizes.

1887. John Pleydell Wilton Haines; The Lodge, Gloucester.

1886. Edward Hamilton, M.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; 16 Cromwell Place,

S.W. 1889. Gerald Barrett Hamilton ; Kilmannock House, New Ross, Wexford.

1877. Edward W. Harcourt, F.Z.S. ; Nuneham Park, Abingdon. 85 1883. Lewis Vernon Harcourt ; Malwood, Lyndhurst, Hants.

1876. H. C. Harford, 99th Regiment ; Stapleton Lodge, Chelsea

Road, Southsea.

1877. E. Hargitt, F.Z.S. ; 1 Gladstone Villas, South View, Basing-

stoke, Hants. 1868. James Edmund Harting, F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Linnean Society,

Burlington House, Piccadilly, W. 1873. John A. Harvie-Brown, F.Z.S. ; Dunipacc House, Larhert,

N.B. 90 1868. Rev. Herrert S. Hawkins, M.A. ; Beyton Rectory, Suffolk.

1887. Charles T. Hebeert, F.Z.S. : 12 Hereford Gardens, London,

W. 1884. C. J. Holds worth ; Oxenholme, Westmoreland. 1877. E. W. H. Holdsworth, F.Z.S. ; 84 Clifton Hill, St. John's

Wood, London, N.W.

1888. Herbert Knight Horsfield ; ( )akfield Terrace, Headingley,



Date of


95 1881. Robert James Howard ; Hawkshurst, Blackburn, Lancashire. *Wilfrid Hudleston Hudleston, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S. ; 8 Stanhope Gardens, S.W. 1879. Baron A. von Hugel; Museum of Archaeology, Cambridge. 1890. Allan Octavian Hume, C.B. ; Simla, India. 1890. Henry Charles Vicars Hunter; 7 Bury Street, St. James's, S.W. ioo 1870. Hedworth Hylton, Lord Hylton, F.Z.S. ; Merstham House, Red Hill, Surrey. 1870. Leonard Howard L. Irby, Lieut.-Col., F.Z.S. ; 14 Corn- wall Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. ; Army and Navy Club, Pall Mall, London, S.W.

1888. Frederick J. Jackson, F.Z.S. ; 13 Westbourne Square, London,

W. 188G. Harry Berkeley James, F.Z.S. ; The Oaks, AVoodmansterne, near Epsom.

1889. Frederick Ponsonby Johnson ; Castlesteads, Brampton,

Cumberland. 105 1880. Henry Robert Kelham, Major Highland Light Infantry;

Roy don Lodge, Camberley, Surrey. 1882. Philip M. Kermode ; Seabridgc Cottage, Ramsey, Isle of Man. 1882. Rev. Edw. Ponsonby Knubley, M.A.; Stavely Rectory, Leeds. 1884. Herbert Langton ; 11 Marlborough Place, Brighton. 1881. Hon. Gerald Lascelles; Queen's House, Lyndhurst. no 1885. George La wson, C.B. ; 36 Craven Hill Gardens, Hyde Park,

London, W. 1876. William Vincent Legge, Col. R.A., F.Z.S. ; Commandant's

Office, Hobart Town, Tasmania. 1868. Hamon Le Strange, F.Z.S. ; Hunstanton Hall, King's Lynn,

Norfolk. 1875. Paget Walter Le Strange, Col. R.A. ; Dol-llan, Llandyosil,

South Wales. 1886. Harold Littledale, B.A. &c. ; Vice- Principal, Tho College,

Baroda. 1 1 5 *Thomas Lyttleton, Lord Lilford, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c. ; Lilford

Hall, Oundle, and 18 Princes St., Cavendish Si]., London, W. 1874. John Hayes Lloyd, Col., F.Z.S.; Sudley House, Bognor, Sussex. 1889. Arthur Purvis Loyd, F.Z.S. (Late Major 21st Hussars);

3 Queen's Mansions, Victoria Street, S.W. 1^77. J. Ltjmsden, F.Z.S.; Arden House, Alexandria, N.B. 1886. Rev. Hugh Alexander Mactherson ; 20 Cecil Street, Carlisle.

Date of Election.

120 1875. JonN Wingfield Malcolm, F.Z.S. ; 7 Great Stanhope Street, Mayfair, London, W. 1878. Henry Stacy Marks, R.A., F.Z.S. ; 17 Hamilton Terrace,

St. John's Wood, London, N.W. 1870. C. H. T. Marshall, Col., F.Z.S., Secretary to H.H. The Nizam, Hyderabad, Deccan ; 18 Connaught Square, W.

1878. Rev. Murray A. Ma'ttiew, M.A., F.L.S. ; Bucklaud Dinham,

Frome, Somersetshire. 1883. Edmund Gustavus Bloomfield Meade-Waldo ; Hope Hill, Lymington, Hants. 125 1886. John Guille Millais, F.Z.S. ; 2 Palace Gate, Kensington, W.

1879. Frederick Shaw Mitchell; Hornshaws, Clitheroe, Lancashire. 1890. Thomas James Monk ; St. Anne's, Lewes, Sussex.

1864. Alexander Goodman More, F.L.S. , &c. ; 74 Leinster Road,

Rathmines, Dublin. 1887. George Morgan, Lieut. -Col. ; Biddlesden Park, Brackley. 130 1886. George Muirhead, F.Z.S.; Mains of Haddo, Aberdeen.

1890. Albert Irving Muntz; Umbersladc, Birmingham, and

Trinity College, Cambridge.

1889. Christopher John Naylor; Brynllywarch, Kerry, Mont-

gomeryshire. 1885. Edward Neale ; 43 Charlotte Street, Portland Place, London,

W. 1882. Thomas Hudson Nelson ; Apsley House, Redcar, Yorkshire. 135 1876. HdghNevill; Newton Villa, Godalming.

1872. Francis D'Arcy William CLOUGn Newcome ; Fcltwell Hall,

Brandon, Suffolk.

1890. C. M. Hayes Newington (Major Kings Regt.); Lee, Kent,

and Army and Navy Club. *Alfred Newton, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S., Professor of Zoology in the University of Cambridge ; Magdalene College, Cam- bridge. *Sir Edward Newton, M.A., K.C.M.G., F.L.S., C.M.Z.S. ; 23 Wellington Esplanade, Lowestoft. 14° 1886. Howard Hill John Nicholls, M.R.C.S. ; The Moat, East- bourne. 1876. Francis Nicholson, F.Z.S. ; Oakfield, Ashley Rd., Altrincham. 1887. George Cameron Norman, F.Z.S. ; 68 Lombard Street, E.C. 1882. Eugene William Oates, F.Z.S. ; care of Grindlay & Co., 55

Parliament Street, London, S.W. 1889. Bertram Savile Ogle; Hill House, Steeple Aston, Oxford.


Date of Election.

145 *Sir John W. P. Campbell Orde, Bart., F.Z.S., late Captain

42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment; Kilmory House, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, N.B.

1883. Henry Parker, C.E., F.Z.S. ; care of Messrs. Hutchison &

Co., 4 Guildhall Chambers, 33 Basinghall Street, E.C.

1880. Thomas Parkin, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Fairseat, High Wickham,


1884. R. L. Patterson, F.L.S. ; Croft House, Holywood, co.

Down. 1886. E. Cambridge Phillips ; The Elms, Brecon. 150 1886. E. Lort Phillips, F.Z.S. ; 22 Bolton Street, Piccadilly,

London, W. 1888. George Thorne Phillips; Wokingham, Berkshire. 1883. Thomas Mayer Pike, M.A. ; care of R. H. Porter, 18 Princes

Street, Cavendish Square, London, W. 1888. Mervyn Owen Wayne Powys, B.A., F.Z.S. ; 33 Great Cum- berland Place, Hyde Park, W. 1888. Eustace Radclyffe ; Hyde, Wareham, Dorset. J55 1872. R. G. Ward law Ramsay, Major, F.Z.S.; Whitehill, Roscwell,

Midlothian. 1879. Herbert Eyelyn Rawson, F.Z.S. ; St. Stephen's Club, S.W. 1888. Robert H. Read ; 8 Great George Street, Westminster,

S.W. 1877. Savile G. Reid, late Capt. R.E., F.Z.S.; Otterhead, Taunton. 1873. Sir Oliver Beauchamp Coventry St. John, Colonel R.E.,

F.Z.S. ; care of Messrs. H. S. King & Co., 65 Cornhill,

London, E.C. 160 1883. William Herbert St. Quintin, F.Z.S.; Scampston Hall,

Rillington, Yorkshire. *Osbert Salvin, M.A., F.R.S., F.Z.S., &c; 10 Chandos Street,

London, W., and Hawksfold, Fernhurst, Haslemere. 1870. Howard Saunders, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c. ; 7 Radnor Place,

Hyde Park, London, W. *Philip Lutley Sclater, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S., &e. ; Secretary

to the Zoological Society of London, 3 Hanover Square,

London, W.

1881. J. Scully, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Surgeon-Major; care of Messrs. H.

S. King & Co., 65 Cornhill, London, E.C. 165 1873. Henry Seebohm, F.Z.S. ; 22 Courtheld Gardens, London, S.W. 1^80. Humphrey Patricius Senhouse, B.A. ; The Fitz, Cocker- mouth, Cumberland.

Date of Election.

1871. Richard Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S. ; Senior Assistant. Zoological Department, British Museum (Natural History), South Kensington, London, S.W.

1886. "William Carstairs Shaw ; Bank of Madras, Madras. 1870, G. Ernest Shelley, F.Z.S. , late Captain, Grenadier Guards;

10 Thurloe Square, London, S.W. 170 1865. Rev. Charles William Shepherd, M.A., F.Z.S.; Trotters- cliff e Rectory, Maidstone, Kent.

1881. F. B. Simson, F.Z.S.; Broom Hill, Spratton, Northampton.

1882. Rev. Henry H. Slater, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Irchester Vicarage,

"Wellinghoro', Northamptonshire. 1878. George Monlaw Slaughter, Brigade-Surgeon ; Farningham,

Kent. 1864. Rev. Alfred Charles Smith, M.A. ; Old Park, Devizes, Wilts. 175 1874. Cecil Smith, F.Z.S. ; Lydeard House, Taunton, Somersetshire. 1881. Thomas Southwell, F.Z.S. ; 10 The Crescent, Chapel Field,

Norwich. 1875. A. C. Stark ; The Cottage, Whiteparish, near Salisbury. 1889. William Stoate ; The Colony, Burnham, Somerset.

1881. Robert Wright Sttjddy, Lieut.-Col. 2nd Manchester Regi-

ment, India ; care of E. W. H. Holdsworth, 84 Clifton Hill, St. John's Wood, London, N.W. 180 1887. Frederick William Styan, F.Z.S. ; 23 Upper Bedford Place, London, W.C., and Shanghai, China.

1887. John Swinburne ; Shona Ranch, St. John's, Apache Country,

Arizona, F/.S.A.

1882. Charles Swinhoe, Col. Bombay Staff Corps, F.L.S., F.Z.S. ;

Avenue House, Cowley Road, Oxford. 1884. W. C. Tait, C.M.Z.S. ; Oporto, Portugal.

*Edward Cavendish Taylor, M.A., F.Z.S. ; 74 Jermyn Street, London, S.W. 185 1873. William Bernhard Tegetmeier, F.Z.S. ; 16 Alexandra Grove, North Finchley, N.

1889. Edward Priaulx Tennant; 40 Grosvenor Square, W., and

The Glen, Innerleithen, N.B. 1886. Horace A. Terry, Captain 43rd Light Infantry; Burvale, Walton-on-Thames. *Rev. Henry Baker Tristram, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S., C.M.Z.S., tire, Canon of Durham ; The College, Durham.

1890. John Tristram Tristram-Valentine; 1 Sheffield Gardens,

Kensington, W.

Date of Election.

90 1864. Henry Morris Upcher, F.Z.S. ; Sheringham Hall, Norfolk,

and Felt well Hall, Brandon. 1890. Stephen Venour ; Fern Bank, Altrincham, Cheshire. 1881. Willoughby Verner, Capt. Bine Brigade; Junior United

Service Club, S.W. 1884. A. S. Verey ; Heronsgate, near Bickmans worth. 1889. H. Howard Vyse ; Stoke Place, Slough. 195 1886. H. D. Wade-Dalton, Lieut.-Col. Middlesex Begiment; Mhow,

Bombay. 1881. Thomas, Lord Walsingham, F.Z.S. ; Eaton House, Eaton

Square, London, S.W., and Merton Hall, Thetford, Norfolk.

1874. Charles Bygrave Wharton, F.Z.S.; Hounsdown, Totton,

Hants. 1878. Henry Thornton Wharton, M.A., F.Z.S. ; Madresfield,

Acol Boad, Priory Boad, West Hampstead. 1884. Joseph Whitaker, F.Z.S.; Bainworth Lodge, Mansfield, Notts. 200 1887. Jeffery Whitehead ; Southwood, Bickley, Kent.

1887. Scott Barchard Wilson, F.Z.S. ; Heatherbank, Weybridge

Heath, Surrey.

1888. Charles Joseph Wilson; 16 Gordon Square, W.C.

1871. E. Perceval Wright, M.D., F.L.S., F.Z.S., Professor of Botany in the University of Dublin.

1875. Charles A. Wright, F.Z.S.; Kayhough House, Kew Gardens,

Kew. 205 1876. Claude W. Wyatt ; Adderbury, Banbury.

1889. James B. Young, Commander B.N.

1878. John Young, F.Z.S. ; 64 Hereford Boad, Bayswater, London,

W. 1877. J. H. Yule, Major, Devon Begiment ; Jullundur, Bengal.

Extra-Ordinary Member.

1860. Alfred Bussel Wallace, F.Z.S. ; Corfe View, Parkstone, Dorset.

Honorary Members. 1886. Thomas Ayres ; Potchefstroom, Transvaal. 1860. Dr. Eduard Baldamus ; Moritzwinger, No. 7, Halle.

1890. Hans, Graf von Berlepsch, C.M.Z.S. ; Miinden, Hanover. 1860. Dr. Jean Cabanis, C.M.Z.S., Berlin.

5 1870. Dr. Otto Finsch, C.M.Z.S. ; Delmenhorst, near Bremen.

Date of Election.

1880. Heinricii Gatke, C.M.Z.S., Heligoland. 1860. Dr. Gustav Hartlaub, C.M.Z.S., Bremen. 1800. Edgar Leopold La yard, C.M.G., F.Z.S. 1869. August von Pelzeln, C.M.Z.S., 01 >er< lolling, Vienna. io 1890. Count Tommaso Salvadori, M.D., C.M.Z.S.; Zoological Museum, Turin.

Foreign Members.

1890. Joel Asaph Allen, C.M.Z.S. ; American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, New York.

1872. Prof. J. V. Barboza du Bocage, C.M.Z.S. ; Royal Museum,

Lisbon. 1880. Louis Bureau, M.D. ; Ecole de medecine, Nantes.

1873. Prof. Robert Collett, C.M.Z.S. ; Zoological Museum, Chris-

tiania. 5 1872. Dr. Elliott Coues, C.M.Z.S. ; Smithsonian Institution, Wash- ington, D.C.

1875. Marchese Giacomo Doria, C.M.Z.S., Genoa.

1890. Dr. Emin, Pasha, C.M.Z.S. ; Bagamoyo, East Africa.

1872. Dr. Victor Fatio, C.M.Z.S., Geneva.

1872. Dr. Henry Hillyer Giglioli, C.M.Z.S.; Peal Institute di Studii Superiori, Florence. io 1872. George N. Lawrence, C.M.Z.S.; 45 East 21st Street, New York.

1872. Baron De Selys Longchamps, Liege.

1866. Dr. Julius von Madarasz ; National Museum, Buda-Pesth.

1872. Dr. A. J. Malmgren, Helsingfors.

1883. Prof. Othniel Charles Marsh, C.M.Z.S. ; Yale College, New- haven, U.S.A. 15 1881. Dr. Adolph Bernard Meyer, C.M.Z.S., Director of the Royal Museum, Dresden.

1872. Dr. A. von Middendorff, Dorpat.

1872. Prof. Alphonse Milne-Edwards, C.M.Z.S. ; Jardin des Plantes, Paris.

1890. M. Emile Oustalet, C.M.Z.S. ; Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Jardin des Plantes, Paris.

1872. Prof. Gustav Radde, C.M.Z.S., Tiflis. 20 1880. Robert Ridgway, C.M.Z.S. ; Smithsonian Institution, Wash- ington, D.C.



Number V., January.


I. On the Ornithology of Northern Borneo. By B. Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c. With Notes by John White- head.— Part V 1

II. On the supposed Occurrence of StrLv parvissima, Ellinarj,

in New Zealand. By W. W. Smith 24

III. On the Coloration of the Young in the Psittacine Genus Eclectus. By Dr. A. B. Meyer. (Plate I.) 26

IV. An Attempt to Diagnose the Pico-Passerine Group of Birds and the Suborders of which it consists, By Henry Seebohm, F.Z.S 29

V. Notes on the Birds of Palawan. By John Whitehead. (Plate II.) 38

VI. On tbe Alimentaiy Canal of the Martineta Tinamou (Calodromas elegans). By Frank E. Beddard, M.A., Prosector to the Zoological Society of London, Lecturer on Biology at Guy's Hospital 61

VII. Notes on the Island of Palma in the Canary Group.

By H. B. Tristram, D.D., F.B.S. (Plate III.) 67

VIII. Bemarks on the Fifth Cubital llemex of the Wing in

the Carinatoe. By P. L. Sclater, Ph.D., F.B.S., &c. ... 77



IX. A List of the Birds of the Islands of the Coast of Yuca- tan and of the Bay of Honduras. By Osbert Salvin, M.A., F.R.8., &c 84

X. On the Birds of the Bonin Islands. By Henry Seebohm, F.Z.S 95

XI. Notices of recent Ornithological Puhlications :

1. Aitchison on the Zoology of the Afghan Border . . 108

2. Allen on the Species of Cyclorhis 109

3. Allen on new South-American Birds 110

4. Aplin on the Birds of Oxfordshire 110

5. Berlepsch on new Neotropical Birds 111.

6. Berlepsch on Birds from Brazil and North Peru . . Ill

7. Berlepsch's Notes on Neotropical Birds 112

8. Biittikofer on a new Gallinule 112

9. Biittikofer on Birds from South-western Africa . . 112

10. Chapman on a new Humming-bird 112

11. Chapman on the Genus Xipkorhynehus 113

12. Dalgleish on Nests and Eggs from Paraguay . . .113

13. Etheridge on the Birds of Lord Howe Island . . .114

14. Giglioli's Eirst Report on the Results of the Ornitho-

logical Investigation of Italy 114

15. Leverkuhn on the Legendary History of the Hoopoe . 115

16. Leverkuhn on Variations in the Coloration of Birds . 116

17. Leverkuhn on the Literature of Syrrhaptes . . .116

18. Menzbier and Severtzow on the Ornithology of Turke-

stan 116

19. Meyer on scarce Varieties of Tetrao 117

20. Muirhead on the Birds of Berwickshire 117

21. Ridgway on new Costa-Rican Birds 117

22. Robinson on Albino Birds 118

23. Salvadori on Three new Birds from Burmah . . .118

24. Salvadori on the Birds collected by Feain Burmah . 118

25. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Tubinares and Stega-

nopodes 120

26. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Herons .... 120

27. Sousa on new Collections from Angola 120

28. Stejneger on Japanese Nutcrackers 121

29. Stejneger on Japanese Wrens 121


30. Tristram's Catalogue of his Collection 121

31. Van Kempon on rare Birds of the North of France . 122

32. Waterhouse's ' Index Generum Avium ' 123

33. Winge on Pallas's Sand-Grouse in Denmark . . . 123

XII. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :

Letters from Count T. Salvadori ; J. H. Gurney, Esq. ; Dr. It. W. Shufeldt ; Eobert Ridgway, Esq. ; R. Lloyd Patterson, Esq. Extract from a Letter from Count Salvadori; Note on Spo- diopsar fuscogularis ; The Southern Range of the Ccerebidaj ; The Raffles Museum at Singapore; Ornithological Works in Progress 124

Number VI., April.

XIII. On the Ornithology of Northern Rorneo. By R. Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c, Zoological Department, British Museum. With Notes by John Whitehead. Part VI (Hate IV.) 133

XIV. Notes on the Paradise-birds of British New Guinea.

By A. P. Goodwin, of Lismore, N S.W 150

XV. On a Collection of Birds made by the late Mr. J. S. Jameson on the Aruwhimi River, Upper Congo. By Captain

G. E. Shelley, F.Z.S. (Plate V.) 156

XVI. On some of the Birds of the Sandwich Islands. By Scott Wilson, F.Z.S. (Plate VI.) 170

XVII. On the Development of the Feet of Cypselus melba.

By L. Zehntner, Cand. Phil., of Bern 196

XVIII. An attempt to Diagnose the Subclass Coram 'formes and the Orders, Suborders, and Families comprised therein.

By Henry Seebohm, F.Z.S _ 200

XIX. Descriptions of three new Species of Flycatchers. By

R. Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c 205

XX. On the Young of Pallas's Sand-Grouse (Syrrhaptes paradoxus). By Alfred Newton. (Plate VII.) .... 207




XXI. On the Columbine Genus Macropygia and its Allies.

By Major R. G. Wardlaw Ramsay, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c. . . . 214

XXII. On a new Genus of the Order Columbia. By Major

R. G. Wardlaw Ramsay, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c 246

XXIII. Notices of recont Ornithological Publications :

34. Allen on the Genus Elainea 247

35. Bocage on Birds new to the Island of St. Thomas,

West Africa 248

36. Bartlett on Weavers and Finches 248

37. Chapman on Amazilia ceneo-brunnea 249

38. Hickson's < Naturalist in North Celobes ' .... 249

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40. Lumholtz's Adventures in Queensland 250

41. Moyer on rare Paradise-birds 251

42. Meyer and Helm's Report on the Ornithological Ob-

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43. Nicholson's Translation of Sundevall's ' Tcntamen ' . 251

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45. Noll on Extinct Birds 252

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47. Oates's ' Matabele-land.' (Second Edition.) . . . 255

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49. Pleske on the Birds of Prjovalski's Journeys in Cen-

tral Asia 256

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51. Ridgway on the Genus Sclerurus 257

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54. Salvadori on Pallas's Sand-Grouse in Italy .... 259

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56. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Water-Birds . . .260

57. Shufeldt on the Macrochires ........ 2(i0

58. Shufeldt on the Herons 261

59. Smith on the Birds of Lako Brunner District, New

Zealand 261

XXIV. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :

Letters from J. H. Gurncy. Esq. ; Dr. G. Hartlaub ; and A.


Pag. H. Everett, Esq. Birds of the Bollenden-Ker Range, Queens- land ; New extinct Swan in New Zealand ; the Generic term Calodromas. Obituary George Cavendish Taylor ; Jose Au- gusta) de Sousa ; Carl Hunstein ; Ladislas Taczanowski ; Jose Arevalo y Baca ; Edward Thomas Booth 262

Ntjhiser VII., July.

XXV. On the Ornithology of Northern Borneo. By R. Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c, Zoological Department, British Museum. With Notes by John "Whitehead. Part VII. (Plate VIII.) 273

XXVI. On Photodilus baclius, with Remarks on its Syste- matic Position. By Frank E. Beddard, M.A., F.R.S.E., F.Z.S., Prosector to the Zoological Society of London . . . 293

XXVII. On the Principal Modern Breeds of the Domestic Fowl. By W. B. Tegetmeier, F.Z.S., M.B.O.U 304

XXVIII. On the Habits of the Hoatzin (Opisthocomus cristatus). By J. J. Qtjelch, B.Sc. (Lond.), C.M.Z.S., Curator

of the British Guiana Museum 327

XXIX. On the Range of the Guacharo {Steatomis caripcnsis)

in South America. By P. L. Sclater, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S. . 335

XXX. On a new Finch from Midway Island, North Pacific.

By Scott B. Wilson, F.Z.S. (Plate IX.) 339

XXXI. Notes on some Birds collected by Dr. G. Radde in

the Transcaspian Region. By H. E. Dresser, F.Z.S. . . . 342

XXXII. Note on Turnix beccarii, Salvadori. By W. R. Ogilvie Grant 344

XXXIII. On some new and rare Francolins. By W. R. Ogilvie Grant (Nat. Hist. Museum). (Plates X., XL) . . 345



XXXIV. Extracts from the Letters of Mr. J. Graham Kerb,

Naturalist to the Pilcomayo Expedition 350

XXXV. On a small Collection of Birds from Mount Penrisen, Sarawak. By R. Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., &c 366

XXXVI. On the Identity of Chnjsotis coeligena with Psittacus dvfresnianus. By Count T. Salvadobi, C.M.Z.S 307

XXXVII. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :

60. Backhouso on European Birds 371

61. Barrows on the English Sparrow in North America . 372

62. Berlepsch on Birds from Upper Amazonia .... 372

63. Eurbringer on Stringojis and lynx 373

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71. Bidgway on Birds from St. Lucia, the Abrolhos Islands,

and the Straits of MageDan 37?

72. Salvador! on Additions to Papuan Ornithology . . . 378

73. Sclater on the Tracheophone Passeres 378

74. Seebohm on the Classification of Birds 379

75. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Water-Birds . . .381

76. Shufeldt on Progress in Avian Anatomy 381

77. Stejneger and Lucas on Pallas's Cormorant .... 382

78. Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen's ' Ornithologisches Jahrbuch' 382

79. Woodford on the Head-hunters of the Solomon Islands 382

XXXVIII. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :—

Letters from Dr. H. Burmeistcr ; H. E. Dresser, Esq. ; John J. Dalgleish, Esq. Butorides virescens in Cornwall; Pliyllo- s copus superciliosus in the Scilly Islands ; Turtur orientalis in Great Britain ; Valuable Addition to the National Bird-Col- lection ; The Catalogue of Birds in the British Museum ; New Bird-books in preparation ; Pelagodroma in the Canaries ; Anni- versary Meeting of the British Ornithologists' Union, 1890; Obituary— J. H. Gurney 384


Number VIII., October.


XXXIX. Notes on Irish Ornithology. By Henry Seebohm. 397

XL. On the Foot of the Young of lynx torquilla. By Dr. A. Gunther 411

XLI. Notes on Birds from the Papuan Region, with Descrip- tions of some new Species. By A. B. Meter, M.D., C.M.Z.S., Director of the Royal Zoological Musoum of Dresden. (Plate XII.) 412

XLII. On some Birds of the Argentine Republic. By A. H. Holland. With Notes by P. L. Sclater 424

XLIII. Further Notes on tho Birds of the Canary Islands. By E. G. Meade-Waldo. (Plate XIII.) 429

XLIV. Notes on some Birds obtained at Madeira, Deserta Grande, and Porto Santo. By W. R. Ogiltie Grant (Nat. Hist. Mus.). (Plate XIV.) 438

XLV. Notices of recent Ornithological Publications :

80. The British Museum Report for 1890 445

81. Burmeister on Patagonian Birds 447

82. Burmeister on the Fauna of Patagonia 448

83. Christy's ' Birds of Essex ' 448

84. Clarke on the Birds of Jan Meyen Island .... 449

85. Everett on the Birds of Borneo 450

86. Hargitt on the Picidas 450

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89. Oustalet on a new Tinamou 453

90. Pycraft on the Bird's Wing 453

91. Records of the Australian Museum 454

92. Reid on the Birds of the Lucknow Museum .... 455

93. Ridgwa^'s 'Birds of Illinois' 455

94. Sharpe's Catalogue of the Stnrniformcs and Abnormal

Passeres 456

95. Shufcldt on the Anatomy of Speotijto 458

96. Shufeldt on the North-American Passeres .... 458

97. Shufeldt on the Position of Chama'a 459


98. Shufeldt on the Osteology of the Water-Birds . . 460

99. Stejnegcr on Birds from Kauai, Hawaiian Islands . 460

100. TschusizuSchmidhoffenVOrnithologischesJahrbuch' 461

101. Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen on Pallas's Sand-Grouse . 461

102. Zeledon on the Birds of Costa Pica 462

XLVI. Letters, Extracts, Notices, &c. :

Letters from W. W. Smith, Esq.; Lt.-Col. E. A. Butler; Heer F. E. Blaauw ; A. H. Everett, Esq. Syrrhaptes para- doxus in Captivity. A Tame Cuckoo. New Breeding Birds in the Trondhjcm District ; International Ornithological Congress of 1891; Breeding of Falco babylonicus ; The Gatke Collection. Obituary W. K. Parker. J. H. Gurney (Correction of an Error) 462

Index of Scientific Names 471

Index of Contents 485

Titlepage, Preface, List of Members, and Contents.



No. V. JANUARY 1890.

I. On the Ornithology of Northern Borneo. By R. Bowdler Sharpe, F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c. With Notes by John Whitehead. Part V.*


194. Pal^ornis longicauda.

Palaornis longicauda (Bodd.) ; Salvad. Ucc. Born. p. 22; Sharpe, Ibis, 1877, p. 9 ; id. P. Z. S. 1879, p. 325 ; Bruggem. Abhandl. Bremen, v. p. 454; Blasius, Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien, xxxiii. p. 23 (1883). a. d juv. Benkoka, Nov. 1, 1885.

[Common in the lower reaches of rivers, especially near the higher swampy growth.

I have seen these birds settle in large flocks in the high trees, and but for the continual shower of falling leaves, which they were nipping off, should not have known they were there. Not met with at any distance inland.

Native name " Bian."]


Loriculus galgulus (L.) ; Salvad. t. c. p. 26 ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1876, p. 36; id. P. Z.S. 1879, p. 325, 1881, p. 791; Bruggem. t. c. p. 454 ; Blasius, t. c. p. 24.

* Continued from < The Ibis,' 1889, p. 448.


2 Mr. R. B, Sharpe on the

a. $ ad. Labuan, July 2, 1885.

b. 2 ad. Sandakan, April 22, 1885. [Common in Labuan, frequenting fruit-gardens. Native name " Trepas."]

Order PICARLE. Fam. Trogonid^e.

195. Harpactes whiteheads

Harpactes whiteheadi, Sharpe, Ibis, 1888, p. 395, pi. xii. a,b. 6 2 ad. Kina Balu, March 19-24, 1888.

c. 8 ad. Kina Balu, April 2, 1888.

[This beautiful Trogon was met with on my second expe- dition, at 4000 feet, where it frequented the dark and wet patches of old forest. These birds generally sit in the higher branches of the lower forest trees, and seldom move, except to take short flights from perch to perch. They generally keep their dull-coloured backs to the hunter, thus rendering themselves more like a bunch of dead leaves, for which they may often be mistaken. The plumage is so soft that if the birds fall from any height they are spoilt as specimens, bunches of feathers coming out of these soft " puff-balls."

On the 4th of April, whilst I was taking shelter from the rain under some palm-leaves, one of these Trogons settled on a tree quite close to me ; it uttered every now and then a peculiar growling note, swaying its tail backwards and forwards, spreading out the feathers with each movement, and every now and then making a short flight to capture some insect, and settling on another perch.

The young birds in nestling-plumage are similar to the female, but there is little or no distinction in colour between the throat, breast, and the rest of the lower parts. The pen- cilling of the wing-coverts is not nearly so fine, the yellow and black stripes being broader. The colour of the back is not so bright, being mixed with greyish down. I have a young male, in which the crimson feathers of the back and breast are mixed with the brown nestling-plumage. The soft parts are as figured in 'The Ibis' (/. c), having been taken from my sketches made from the freshly killed bird.

Ornithology of Northern Borneo. 3

Native name for all Trogons " Buroug angi," or the Omen bird."]

196. Harpactes kasumba. Harpactes kasumba (Raffl.).

Pyrotrogon kasumba, Salvad. t. c. p. 29; Blasius, t. c. p. 24; Sharpe, P. Z. S. 1881, p. 791. a. 6 ad. Benkoka, Oct. 12, 1885.

197. Harpactes diardi.

Harpactes diardi (T.) ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1879, p. 239 ; id, P.Z. S. 1881, p. 791.

Pyrotrogon diardi, Salvad. t. c. p. 29.

a. ? ad. Benkoka, Sept. 11, 1885.

b, c. $ ad. Benkoka, Oct. 1885.

198. Harpactes duvauceli.

Harpactes duvauceli (T.) ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1879, p. 239 ; id. P. Z. S. 1881, p. 792; Briiggem. t. c. p. 454.

Pyrotrogon duvauceli, Salvad. t. c. p. 29; Blasius, t. c, p. 25.

a. $ ad. Benkoka, Oct. 13, 1885.

b. 2 ad. Benkoka, Nov. 5, 1885.

199. Harpactes orescius.

Harpactes orescius (T.) ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1888, p. 395. Orescius gouldi (Sw.) ; Salvad. t. c. p. 31.

a. 6 ad. Kina Balu, Jan. 18, 1888.

b. 6 ad. Kina Balu, Feb. 3, 1888.

c. S ad. Kina Balu, April 19, 1888.

d. 2 ad. Kina Balu, May 20, 1888.

A specimen in the British Museum was the sole authority for the occurrence of this species in Borneo before Mr. White- head's ascent of Kina Balu. The specimen in question was purchased at the sale of Baron Laugier's collection in 1837, and it is doubtful whether the locality is authentic; but Mr. Whitehead has now placed the Bornean habitat of the species beyond a doubt.

[Met with on Kina Balu, from 1000 to 3000 feet, but nowhere common, frequenting shady spots in old forest. I have noticed that all Trogons are more active in the early


4 Mr. R. B. Sharpe on the

morning and evening ; during the rest of the day they are seldom seen. Iris black; gape cobalt-blue, darker at base of bill and on lower mandible ; skin round eye whitish blue, feet slaty blue. I procured a brown Trogon on Kina Balu on the 23rd of March, 1887, which is possibly the young of this species ; but the markings seem to me to be too coarse, and it may be the immature stage of some Trogon which inhabits the mountain and is yet undescribed.]

Fam. Capitonid^e.

200. Megaljema chrysopsis.

Megalcema chrysopsis, Goffin; Sharpe, Ibis, 1877, p. 8. Chotorhea chrysopsis (Goffin) ; Salvad. t. c. p. 32.

a. 6 ad. Benkoka, Sept. 1, 1885.

b. 6 juv. Benkoka, Sept. 22, 1885.

201. Megal^ma versicolor.

Megalcema versicolor (Raffl.) j Sharpe, Ibis, 1876, p. 35 ; id. P. Z.S. 1879, pp. 245, 326; id. Ibis, 1879, p. 239; Briiggem. t. c. p. 454.

Chotorhea versicolor, Salvad. t. c. p. 33.

Chotorhea versicolor, var. borneensis, Blasius, t. c. p. 25.

a. 2 ad. Lawas River, March 23, 1886.

b. $ ad. Lawas River, April 5, 1886.

[Iris and bill black; feet dull greenish blue.]

202. Megal^ema mvstacophanes.

Megalcema mystacophanus (T.) ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1876, p. 35, 1879, p. 239.

Chotorhea mystacophanus, Salvad. t. c. p. 34.

a. 2 imm. Benkoka, Sept. 1, 1885.

b. d ad. Benkoka, Sept. 5, 1885.

c. d. $ ad. et juv. Kina Balu, March 6, 1887. e. 2 juv. Kina Balu, Feb. 28, 1887.

/. 2 juv. Kina Balu, March 19, 1888.

[The commonest Bornean Barbet, frequenting the higher branches of forest trees. I have often seen these birds holding on to a tree and pecking like a Woodpecker.

It has a peculiar note, which it utters when perched high up in the tree, " Pooh pooh lentogok lentogok."

Ornithology of Northern Borneo. 5

Native name " Lentogok." Found on Kina Balu up to 3000 feet.]

203. Cyanops pulcherrima.

Megalcema pulcherrima, Sharpe, Ibis, 1888, p. 393, pi. xi. fig. 2.

a. ? ad. Kina Balu, Jan. 29, 1888.

b, c. 3 ad. Kina Balu, Feb. 16, 20, 1888.

[I discovered this fine Barbet at 5000 feet in high forest, but it is, perhaps, more at home on the mountain at about 8000 feet. It has a hooting-note rather like that of the last species. An immature bird is of a much less vivid green, and has the blue on the throat and head duller and greener than in the adults, and the golden collar is absent. The soft parts were given in f The Ibis ' (/. c.) .]

204. Cyanops monticola.

Cyanops monticola, Sharpe, Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. (6) iii. p. 424 (1888).

a. J ad. Kina Balu, March 24, 1888.

b. ? ad. Kina Balu, March 28, 1887.

[Met with on my first expedition at about 3000 feet, and again during my second at the same altitude. This bird at first sight bears a strong resemblance to the young of M. mysta- cophanes, so much so that it has remained nearly two years undescribed, though I had little doubt that it was a good species, the bill being quite distinct from that of M. mysta- cophanes, to say nothing of the colour. I was glad to find that Mr. Sharpe, at last, took my view as to its distinctness.]

205. Xanthol^ma duvauceli.

Xantholcema duvauceli (Less.) ; Salvad. t. c. p. 38 ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1879, p. 240; id. P. Z. S. 1881, p. 792; Blasius, t. c. p. 26.

Megalcema duvauceli, Sharpe, Ibis, 1876, p. 35, 1877, p. 9 ; Briiggem. t. c. p. 454.

a, b. rf ? ad. Lawas River, Feb. 28, 1886. c,d. S ? ad. Lawas River, Feb. 26, 1886.

[Met with in numbers on some fruit-bearing forest trees. Iris and bill black ; feet slaty green.]

(! Mr. R. B. Sharpe on the

206. Calorhamphus puliginosus.

Calorhamj^hus fuliginosus (T.) ; Salvad. t. c. p. 39 ; Sharpe, Ibis, 1876, p.